Project Completion – November 2018

Nov 17, 2018 | Projects

Modbloc retaining walls - Landscaping terraces

Project Data

  • Systems: Gravity and Reinforced walls.
  • Products: mod’Concrete modular blocks.
  • Quantity: 1,550 m2 of retaining walls.
  • Location: Biot, Southern France
  • Duration of installation: 39 days.
Modbloc typical cross section - Gravity walls

Scope of Work

The MODBLOC team was appointed by the Lead Consultant to design, supply and supervise the construction of the landscaping and infrastructure retaining walls.

mod’Concrete blocks have been chosen for their attractive look as well as their competitive price. Therefore, gravity walls were installed in areas where a maximum structure height of 2.0m was required. As for the structures from 2.0 to 5.5m high, due to the site conditions, the most suitable option was to process with concrete reinforcements at the back of the walls.

Project’s architectural design was done before construction start, and the MODBLOC walls were all designed with different patterns.

Another specificity of the project was the need for double-sided blocks, designed and installed according to the landscape design. As a result, MODBLOC customized and combined the products with precast-made copings.

Modbloc retaining wall - Ramp
Modbloc retaining wall - Ramp & Angle
Modbloc Reinforced wall & Fence
Modbloc doule-sided blocks


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